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Sulforaphane is a King / Queen molecule because it seems to do so many things so well in the human body. Sulforaphane we know was introduced into Johns Hopkins University and the Cancer project in around 1992. Johns Hopkins University filed 8 patents on this molecule. We know that based upon the research on Sulforaphane that it protects from Viruses, Chemicals, Radiation and Reactive Oxygen Species (free radicals and electrophiles). Sulforaphane is an NRF2 protective protein activator and is classified as an indirect antioxidant. Sulforaphane is very well established with over 1800 scientific studies around the world to date. 

With the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19 ) out in the public domain, BroccoGen 10® with Sulforaphane is a sure bet to add to your daily supplement regime. Please see the links below for more info about the studies and all the work that has been done on the different viruses. 


Broccoli Compound boost for the immune health

Dr. Mercola is also talking about Sulforaphane in this article.

Immune System treatment with Sulforaphane (

Google Search Sulforaphane protects from Viruses studies


Question about your sulforaphane ointment can it remove a wart if so how do you use it to remove the wart
Thank you

Merike Ince November 09, 2020


I am interested in reading info and about studies that may have been done about sulforaphane regarding endometriosis and other female issues.

Thanks so much!

Barbara November 09, 2020

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