8 Great Herbal Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

8 Great Herbal Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

When you’re thinking about the best thing to have in the morning as soon as you get out of bed, coffee probably comes to your mind.

It gives you that caffeine buzz that you need to get through the day and automatically wakes you up from your slumber. However, even though there are tons of positive benefits that come with drinking coffee, there are also some negative side-effects. If you are someone who is overly anxious and jittery already, then coffee might not be the best choice for you. The good news for you is that there are plenty of healthy herbal alternatives that you can drink in the morning that will wake you up and give you that boost that normally only coffee gives you. Just keep reading down below to learn more about the top eight herbal alternatives you can drink in the morning to your morning coffee.

1. Teecino

This is one of the best items on this list for those of you who are just dropping coffee from your diet and need to slow your drop from the addiction. Many people say that this substance tastes just like coffee, but without those addictive properties. However, that does not mean that it doesn’t come with the great benefits that come with coffee. With teecino, you are going to get a great prebiotic called inulin. It’s great for helping your gut health and improving your digestive system. On the other hand, when you drink coffee, you are not going to see an improvement to your digestive system. In fact, coffee can have a negative effect on your digestive system and how your stomach feels in the morning.

2. Chamomile

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Of course, you are not going to be drinking chamomile when you want to get ready for the day ahead. Chamomile tea is the perfect tea for when you want to wind down after a hard day at work or just relax on the weekend. However, this a great alternative for those of you who are so addicted to coffee that you drink it later in the day and find it hard to sleep afterwards. It’s been shown to help people who are facing stress at the end of the day and could even help you sleep better. It’s one of the best drinks to have late at night, thanks to how warm it is and how relaxing it is, just from smelling it!

3. Kombucha and Kava

Kombucha has become more and more popular in recent years, along with Kava, and there are plenty of reasons why. It comes in tons of different flavors, so if you are picky about what you drink in the morning, then this might be a good choice for you. If you need to wean yourself off of the addictive elements of soda and coffee, then kombucha and kava can definitely help you with that. Kombucha comes with some carbonation and a sweet taste, which can easily replace what you get from a can of soda. Kava is a great immunity booster. But make sure that you consume it in right amount for best benefits. It’s low in calories and sugar, but will help give you that buzz that you get from other caffeinated beverages!

4. Peppermint Tea

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Peppermint Tea Photo by: Pixabay

Next up, we have a type of tea that’s absolutely perfect for those of you who need a sweet boost during the day. Peppermint tea is going to give you a sugar boost that will reduce your cravings for coffee. However, just note that it doesn’t come with caffeine, so this isn’t the best if you need a jolt in the morning. It’s the perfect treat for staying in on a cold night.

5. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a drink that’s becoming more and more popular in Western cultures in recent years. You are going to get a bit of the buzz you get from coffee, but with the addition of tons of antioxidants and other good nutrients. Yerba mate also comes with something called theobromine, which helps give you a boost of relaxation and will improve the blood flow around your body. The great part about mate is the fact that it comes with a huge amount of vitamins and antioxidants, which will help you nutrition like no cup of coffee ever could.

6. Licorice Tea

Now, this is a tea that you might not know so much about. However, it’s been known for years to help with sore throats and could even help you lose a bit of weight around your waist. It’s not the best type of tea to be drinking every morning, but every once in a while, is definitely not going to hurt you. It’s been shown to help those people who are dealing with sugar addictions from candy or sodas because it has a sweet flavor.

7. Ginger Tea

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Ginger Tea Photo by: Pixabay

If you are drinking coffee on a regular basis and you find yourself with digestive problems, then this is something you definitely need to work on. If you give up your regular cup of coffee and replace it with a great cup of ginger tea, you are going to see a great improvement in your digestive system. Ginger tea is much different from chamomile tea in that respect, however, as it can also give you a bit of boost in the morning. In addition to that, ginger tea has been shown to help with any inflammation or joint problems you are dealing with. This is great if you are just waking up in the morning and have joint pain that you want to get rid of before you go on with your day.

8. Coconut Water

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Green Coconut Photo by: Pixabay

And lastly, we have a drink that’s not so much herbal, but is great to wake you up in the morning and get your body started on the right foot. Coconut water comes with a punch of potassium that’s much more than a banana and comes with barely any sugar. This is great to replace the juice that you drink in the morning that could come with huge amounts of sugar.

And there you have it! If you are looking to replace your morning coffee with a new alternative, then you’ve got to keep these herbal alternatives in mind.

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