Brocco Bundle

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Since 1996, we have been revolutionizing products using broccoli’s most powerful antioxidant, sulforaphane. Now, you can get all of our most popular products in one bundle (and save some money while you’re at it). The BroccoBundle is perfect for you if you’re new to our products and want to figure out which ones work best for you.

One of each is included in the Brocco Bundle

1) Brocco-Chocco® 75% Dark Certified Organic 80g Bar2) BroccoFusion® Sulforaphane Lotion Lavender 5ml3) BroccoGen10® Sulforaphane Glucosinolate 60 Veggie Caps4) BroccoFusion® Sulforaphane Ointment 2ml  -  Stylus Perfect for travel! 5) BroccoSpa™ Advanced Under eye Crème 3.5ml6) Plus exclusive additional goodies...

What's in the Brocco Bundle?


Newco Natural Technology's own revolutionary supplement BroccoGen 10® contains Sulforaphane, a naturally occurring compound found in vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, wasabi and more. Sulforaphane increases enzyme activity which promotes age-defying and anti-inflammatory properties, detoxifies and protects skin and increases cellular integrity. Thousands of related studies are showing the science behind Sulforaphane to positive health benefits.


When our skin is healthy, light reflects off the rich color below the surface enabling it to literally glow. But when skin is dry, its surface becomes uneven and rough. BroccoFusion® Sulforaphane Ointment provides deep down moisture for trouble spots. Our complex formula that was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, will help reduce signs of aging, stretch marks, dark circles under eyes, cold sores, moles, acne and more!


The world's healthiest organic chocolate bar. This bar was created in collaboration with Master Chocolatier. Inside of every Newco creation, you'll discover delectable, hand selected premium ingredients. Newco's never ending passion for creating the finest products is truly a gift meant for sharing. Enjoy the richness of 75% dark chocolate with the benefits of 4 lbs of broccoli sprouts per bar and Himalayan crystal salt.


We will supply you with a healthy array of samples of our favourite products (our customers love them too).

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