Let Newco’s sunscreen protect you the natural way!

There are two main kinds of sunscreen, physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens deflect the sun’s rays while chemical sunscreens absorb them. Zinc Oxide is commonly used in physical sunscreen as it is generally the best for delicate and sensitive skin. Also used in many diaper rash creams, Zinc Oxide is considered a non-toxic, anti-irritant and skin protectant mineral. It is very stable and not absorbed by the skin. Therefore, it the least likely to cause any skin irritations.

Newco’s, 97% broad spectrum, Zinc Oxide sunscreen reflects both UVA and UVB rays extremely well. With 10.25% Zinc Oxide and enriched with Vitamins C & E, along with many other soothing ingredients such as Aloe and wonderful natural oils (Grapeseed, Jojoba, Olive Oil, etc.), our SPF 15 sunscreen is very moisturizing and protects against the abuse of the elements. By using very fine zinc and luxurious oils, this elegant formula minimizes the traditional white cast on the skin that many other brands leave behind.

In addition, Newco’s formulas do not contain nanoparticles, are biodegradable and reef friendly.  Our sunscreen will nourish your skin while protecting it from harmful rays for over 2 hours between applications. Your skin will thank you whether you choose the Lavender or Coconut sunscreen, containing wonderful natural oils for these scents.

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